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Negative Aspects of Reality Shows

In fresh years we beat memorisen how the reality shows have Increasingly Invaded our screens, and there is some occasion that captivates hatful to the send that change their way of life and be carried away by this fever. most(prenominal) of the people who watch this kind of shows call up that all what they meet is real so they begin to chance identify with them. The earreach imitates they behaviors and most of the time it Is prejudicial.They turn violent, vexing and susceptible to reactions. A big piece of people who watches this believe that their way of organism is normal, but it is not like that. in that location are certain manners or behaviors that we are used to watch, but it doesnt taut it is normal at the point that we seize it as a way of life. What is admittedly about this is that producers control everything and can change or distort the actions of the actors. The actors are cognisant of this because when they sign their contract It Is specified over t here.So, can we believe In everything we see? A key for success of these shows is the degradation of the actors. Like American Idol or many others, because the jury criticizes them In a derogative way so the contestants pass along the stage but being teased. The hearing assimilates this as a normal exploit so if they dont have skills they begin to feel shame of it or scared to people who can watch them doing things. Another negative thing is that they can think that chagrin is a necessary step to succeed, thing that is not true.We hooked not yield ourselves to be influenced by these shows and that Is why there are recommendations while watching them, much(prenominal) as It Is not recommended for children and young people, thusly they can understand and analyze the context and have a very cockeyed personality. All in all we moldiness be alert and aware to see a reality show, because this can take place to unexpected and negative changes. The best sensation can do is to tur n this acquire into something good and know how to select those programs that give lessons us and help us develop.

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'Evaluation Criteria Paper Essay\r'

'Taylor pass across is a ships caller-out that is outgrowth rapidly. The company must analyze the resources and capabilities of the company to look for the right rotating shafts that will deliver the goods potential benefits and competitive advantages in homo resources. The new approach should include the plectrum of effective woodpeckers that admirer human resources during the elaboration adjoin and the criteria that will be sound in the human resource practices.\r\nThe enwrapped of the paper is discussing the slaying of specific HR scapes such(prenominal) as employee excerpt running play, kind election Information System (HRIS), lucky preparation, and the evaluation of the criteria for all(prenominal) tool selection. homophile Resource Criteria Identification Identify and pass on which is the most appropriate criteria is fundamental because it stops the capital punishment of new human resources procedures. The following apologise the criteria for each of th e following tools: Human Resource Information System (HRIS)\r\nFor Taylor Transit implementation and use of HRIS is of great benefit because it helps to subjoin the effectiveness of human resources assets as rise up as provide guidance. The criteria will be based in the necessity of having a good HR information transcription in where the company will be able to keep information concerning to each employee and any other related HR information such as employees evaluation, disciplinary actions, rewards, and trainings in spite of appearance the organization.\r\nThe â€Å"HRIS technology supports strategic planning through the generation of labor twinge supply and demand guides, requirements and forecasts” ( Lippert & Swiercz, 2005). This tool will be very profitable for the company; given that the company is expanding it is strategic to have a system that chuck up the sponges Taylor Transit to have a solid database to brood data 8,000 employees in determine to h elp in the planning and execution of the company objectives. Selection Test The adequate selection test for the company is classical because allow identifying the right expectation since the beginning of recruitment process.\r\nThe recommended tools for mea incontestable the candidates argon the cognitive aptitude and the cleverness tests. â€Å"Cognitive aptitude and ability tests be among the most valid predictors uncommitted to organizations” ( Terpstra, 1994). The criteria in the selection of these tools are because the cognitive aptitude test measure the candidate mental capabilities as well their argument and communication. On the other hand, the ability test will help to predict the carrying out of the employee within the company.\r\nBesides the background and the ingest of the candidate, for the company will be utilitarian make a thorough judgement in order to have the silk hat candidates within the company Succession provision â€Å"Succession planning must be part of an integrated HR process that includes training, break offment and performance appraisal” (Stensgaard, 2005). The criteria for choosing this tool is because the â€Å"succession planning also has validatory impacts on measures of firm performance such as productivity and gross re plays on assets” (Greer & Virick, 2008).\r\nThis would be excellent tool that would be beneficial in the maintenance of HR processes (training, development, and performance). One of the things Taylor Transit need to take into consideration is make sure of taking the necessary measures regarding in the meet selection of personnel for each of the positions within the company, as well of having the support of the of age(p) level prudence. This is important because it allows a arrogant process for identifying, evaluating, and developing personnel who are trained to perform report functions within the company.\r\nThe usefulness of this is essential because it allows certa in key personnel receive the necessary tools to develop their skills and abilities, as well as cock-a-hoop them the opportunity in the future to be the future leaders of the company. Conclusion By implementing the right tools allows human resource management to have a higher level of competitiveness. The three selected tools are best suited for the rapid growth of Taylor Transit. Implement the HRIS is stabilising because it allows better control of information, and quick coming to information for each employee.\r\nAnd for assessing the performance, this will help determine what kind of trainings can be provided to employees. This is helpful because it allows management the assessment and proceeds of the procedures of the company. Meanwhile, the employee selection tests are useful because they allow the assessment of cognitive abilities and skills of employees in order to recruit the best possible candidates and whitethorn have better performance of the company.\r\nThis is impor tant because in the long run is bell effective because employees who have better cognitive aptitudes and abilities skills learn promptly, therefore the company does not have to incur in supernumerary expenses for re-training their employees and in turn avoid turnover. Finally, the successful planning is helpful because it allows employees to adapt quickly to the demands of the company; the company in turn may have strategically super qualified personnel in positions that are key to the success of the company. Implementing these tools allow the right(a) management of the company.\r\n'

'Mcdonald’s Business Ethics\r'

'McDonald’s ethical motive Or Lack of Ethics Dymirra G. Ambeau Test Drive College McDonald’s was founded in San Bernardino, CA in the year 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. The two brothers sold their fast nutrient restaurant to a milk throw salesman named Ray Kroc in the year of 1961. Kroc believed in conformity, similarity and the ethic of mass production. chase the ethic of mass production Kroc began to expenditure frozen beef patties and genetically-modified potatoes to ensure uniform taste.McDonald’s also pays minimum profits to their ladderers, who essentially do assembly line, factory-type work. If you were to class the work they do to factory work that would â€Å"add about 3. 5 meg manufacturing jobs to the U. S. economy, at a time when such(prenominal) jobs are rapidly being exported overseas. From a statistical point of view, it would make the U. S. come along like an industrial powerhouse in one case again, instead of an progressing su perpower endanger by low-cost competitors” (Schlosser, 2004).Despite the objections of McDonalds, the term â€Å"McJob” was added to Merriam-Websters collegiate Dictionary in 2003. The word â€Å"McJob” message a low-paying job that requires little acquirement and provides little opportunity for advancement. McDonalds is the worlds largest distributor of toys, which it includes with kids meals which were introduced in June 1979. It has been alleged that the use of popular toys encourages children to immerse more McDonalds food, thereby contributing to many another(prenominal) childrens health problems, including a rise in obesity.Many parents weren’t happy and said that boastful toys with childrens meals circumvents parental control and teaches children unhealthy ingest habits. One mother sued McDonald’s and went on to say, â€Å"I object to the fact that McDonalds is getting into my kids heads without my permission and actually changing wh at my kids indigence to eat”. McDonald’s now features fruits, salad, and healthier drinks but continues to give out toys. This was not the first time McDonald’s has been sued. McDonald’s has been sued multiple times for health tie in issues.They have also been fined twice for break of serve child labor laws. In 2001 the federation was fined 12,400 British Pounds Sterling by British magistrates for consumptiveegally employing and over- working(a) child labor in one of its London restaurants. This is thought to be one of the largest fines imposed on a company for breaking laws relating to child working conditions. In April 2007 in Perth, Western Australia, McDonalds pleaded culpable to five charges relating to the employment of children under the age of 15 in one of its outlets and was fined $8,000 AUD.Still, McDonald’s has a few good ethics. They cause the Ronald McDonald House Charities, an organization that helps families with critically il l or injured children who must trip to fulfill their healthcare needs. They also array an annual event at McDonald’s called â€Å"McHappy Day” where a percentage of the daylight’s sales go to charities. McDonald’s also tries to help the environment by using biomass power plants to cut its redundancy and carbon footprint in half(prenominal) where biomass power plants are available.They’ve also cut down the amount of packing for their food by 46% since the year 1970. Overall, weight reductions in box and products, as well as the increased usage of bulk packaging ultimately decreased packaging by 24 million pounds annually. References http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Happy_Meal http://www. neumann. edu/academics/divisions/business/ daybook/review_08/gibison. pdf http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Ray_Kroc#McDonald. 27s http://www. guardian. co. uk/business/2010/dec/19/mcdonalds-happy-meals-sued-california http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/McDonalds# unf avorable judgment\r\n'

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'Common Characteristics of an Organization Essay\r'

' has moved done the trenches as they guard built their task. Their confederacy is an online shoe retailer that focuses on grammatical construction a strong brand. By doing so profits were shown to be successful since they render been primeed. With their success thee secret was very simple. The give Nick Swinmurn started this logical argument along with Tony Hsieh in 1999. The story that was told Swinmurn left a voicemail to Hsieh where he almost deleted the message. Swinmurn told him ab verboten those selling apparel was a $40 billion market. From on that point they slang launched officiall(a)y in June 1999. This business will be presented with the park characteristics with c lands, rules and norms. excessively they will show the hierarchy, communicating networks, organisational orientation, and leadership approaches.\r\ management conference and finality making will be show and will show what two common characteristics are the most i nfluenced by dialogue at heart the organization. (System) Zappos along with other businesses bedevil been capable to maintain a classifiable offering that attracts an extremely loyal guest base. A characteristic with systems for Zappos is all online shopping. guest return is solely built some their business. In order to succeed they do control ten onus determine in place to as a code of honor. Following these prys is for the employees and all consultants within the party. The one type of system Zappos focuses on is their customers to spread the news by word-of-mouth and a Search rail federal agency locomotive Marketing (SEM) tool. The brand loyalty is a major element that has made this company rise to the lacks of other strong brands.\r\n cross off loyalty is heighten by the assistant and product that the company delivers to the clients. If the service is unforgettable then it won’t foreshorten long for people to relate weak purchase with this brand. Rul es bum be delimitate as the keepions that a group or society nurture seen fit to pay back our behavior and vogues by which we move with each other. This will mainly describe the ways and behavior that this organization uses to reckon that all its brands display a presentable image in the public. These formal rules have been made into a routine that en trues that the high hat qualities of the company are to at counterbalance hand. These rules will be accompanied in the policies and surgical procedures that are taught to all the employees and employers.\r\nThe rules will lay out a specific way of doing their business hence bonny the procedure of conducting business. Polices skunk be found by dint of the center field values that have been utilise to make it the business that it is today. These values have been incorporated in the respective(a) activities that the pitying resource conducts. We bath recognize that the serviceman resource is a key factor in this organ ization. This is due(p) to the fact that it is important to setting the environment required to have a successful business. This bed be seen through how they hire and fire, how they train their employees, the customer service they encourage, on how they enhance business office of the clients and employees and finally the leadership programmers they have.\r\nThis can be identified as the acceptable way to do things; the norms will lead to creating a belief system in the company. By understanding the company’s core values one will realise the norm and rules that the company abides to. Zappos tries to maintain a unique company culture that identifies itself from all its competitors out there. Its culture is evident in all the activities it does and also through their interactions with their clients and suppliers. This can also be identified by finding employers that envision the company’s culture. This core values can be identified as the following (, 201 0)\r\n1. Delivering screeching through service2. Embrace and Drive potpourri\r\n3. Create fun and a forgetful weirdness\r\n4. Be Adventurous, creative and plain-spoken minded\r\n5. Pursue exploitation and joust\r\n6. Build open and honest relationships with communication\r\n7. Build a positive team up and family spirit\r\n8. Do more(prenominal) with slight\r\n9. Be passionate and determined\r\n10. Be humble\r\nAll these values should be displayed by the employees that work for this organization. When you look at these values they clearly lay out what is expected of their workers in their daily interactions with their clients. however like any other business all organizations have a range of mountains of influenceâ€an established hierarchy of authority levels (Richmond and McCroskey, 2009). Zappos have a chain of command and also have over 1500 employees within the company. You may not realize it due to a company existence online shopping, exclusively Zappos depends on other companies and members to collect data, do the shipping parade and other items to pass on their business smoothly. The founder and Co-founder of Zappos is the Chief executive of the business. There are different levels of managers and supervisors stack to a front desk receptionist. Zappos empowerment has alter through the years.\r\nA good communication network was established when Amazon acquired Zappos. The learnedness brings together two companies who share a passion for serving customers and whose customers benefit from cultures of excogitation and long term thinking (Business Wire, 2009). They believed that becoming associated with Amazon they will be able to use one another’s strengths and believed in their vision to the customers. penchant is a key process in instilling the company values; it can be seen as the first instance when the employee is introduced to the rules and norms valued by the company. This is mainly the job of the human race Resources, which chooses employees that hold the companies values. This will ensure that its employees chop-chop take into heart the companies rules and norms during orientation. Also Orientation is crucial when the client has the first bump with the company’s product and services.\r\nThis has been enhanced by the company’s core value of having a WOW produce with the client. The company claims that if they get their culture skilful in an employee then the rest fall into place. Speaking to an intern recently somewhat Zappos she mentioned about dogmatism. Dogmatic see things as right or wrong, black or white, there are no gray-headed areas or compromises (Richmond and McCroskey, 2009). They mentioned that customer service can be great from a customer care agent further exhalation the extra mile is what separates an singular. There have been several individuals fired on the full point for not complying with Zappos Ten Commandments. Leadership in this company is gotten fr om the lower ranks, the company identifies an individual with leadership’s qualities and it enhances.\r\nThis has been built through the process of empowering their employees; the employees can attend various seminars that develop their leadership qualities. The company has found the ideal of growing from the ranks make the employees more motivated, this is due to the fact that there is growth in this company. A leader in Zappos must instill these strategies in the process of doing their business. One must make sure that the culture found in his segment has a main goal that is think to offering unforgettable services.\r\nWe know that a business is created to achieving the goal of introduceing profits but we should not forget to for great service in the achievement of profits. The leader should value all his employees and make sure that gain a lot during their time in the company. This can be achieved by educating them we can see the company does not restrict their workers to the skill that one was hired for. For illustration a marketing individual can be encouraged to learn intense design they encourage they employees to expand their options.\r\n workings with Zappos has two common characteristics that were more influenced with their organization. Systems being the first, customers are first and have the aptitude to shop for any item too shoes and delivered in a seasonable matter. The customer loyalty and product delivered is a major part of their marketing. Overall Zappos dodge is doing good for business making them a good revenue and customer base. thus far there are just a few areas needed to improve.\r\nReferences\r\nBusiness Wire. (July 2, 2009). to take over Retrieved from Insights. (2012). Delivering howler Through Service. Retrieved from Richmond, V. P., & deoxyadenosine monophosphate; McCroskey, J . C. (2009). Organizational conversation for Survival, Making work, Work (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon. (May 1, 2010). ZAPPOS.COM, INC. CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT AND ETHICS. Retrieved from\r\n'

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'Project Management Body of Knowledge Essay\r'

'The PMBOK is an IEEE standard pioneered by PMI that provides the essentials of lying-in management to successfully complete the image. step up of the nine knowledge aras I envisage these three argonas ar the most significant and if these are managed well the mass shew would be very effective.\r\n1. Project clipping Management\r\nA trade union movement is considered taking only if it is delivered on term and in that case only, it earns proper attention in terms of business and visitors. A device deprivations to be divided into diverse small tasks and each task mustiness be linked together utilise two strategies of logical relationship surrounded by the tasks and the estimated time.\r\nFurther more(prenominal) the sequence of flow of the tasks delimitate dependency of tasks on each different is important in this regard. The priority of tasks must also be considered while time managing the project.\r\nMilestones must be set to take the time management properly; these milestones whitethorn include the following:\r\n· The start and give the axe of a project\r\n· Completion of major deliverables\r\n· Formal reviews\r\n· Key causas such as presentations\r\nIf this area of PMBOK is missed then the project would not be delivered on time and would by all odds lose its value and if it is bland delivered the quality of the trade show would definitely suck been deteriorated.\r\n2. Project Human pick Management\r\nTo manage most projects, some separate most important area is valet de chambre resource management. To organize a trade show a number of community having expertise in various areas are needed and effectively managing them so that level best come onput form the employed large number is taken is a aboriginal to a successful project.\r\nThe frustrated project managers are usually found saying that they need more resources, but even with more resources the problem doesn’t get solved, adding more resources may even complicate the problem. The key to it is to systematically analyze the project benevolent resource requirement, which in turn give focussing possible effective project terminus in a timely and neatly manner (Meredith & Mantel, 2008).\r\nKey practices to break the human resource management are\r\n· List the people with the tasks (in a Gantt chart)\r\n· dress pop out If the same person is listed as the possessor of the most of the tasks\r\n· watch over out if The same person is listed as owner of the same parallel tasks\r\n· mother out if The any person has been barely listed\r\n· Find out if The Many tasks are lade up in parallel\r\n· Find out if Those tasks which don’t have owners\r\nIf the proper HRM is not a practice, first off Cost of project would be increase and secondly rift amid the some(prenominal) members of the team up may result spark advance to the total failure of the project.\r\n3. Project confabulations Management\r\n To organize an effective event the dialogue between the various members of the team need to have effective communication between them. Large projects such as tradeshow generate a large gist of communication.\r\nProactively determining the mode of communication between the team members and how often would that communication takes limit would be an important time saver, some teams agree to use email for glob and non urgent matters and voice mail/ mobilise call for urgent matters. Another way is to give responsibility to someone who would be responsible for communicating information to the higher-ranking managers. Trade show, like all other projects, needs to establish its own communication strategy depending upon the people involved and the personify (Kerzner, H. (2005).\r\nIneffective communication would incur coarse increase in cost to the project and things would happen but in a haphazard manner with often conflicts occurring inwardly the team and same tasks done repeatedl y by several members resulting in wastage of time.\r\n'

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'Family and Unilever\r'

'2. 1 Macro Environment 2. 1. 1 Economy †residential a) Economic -The policy of the Vietnamese industry is reciprocally agreed to build the economy of Vietnam following the propensity of industrialization and modernization; giving priority to tempt foreign investment, especially from transnational companies and multinationals such as Unilever to increase its budget. The domestic trade (wholesale, retail, flow of neats, and so forth ) has grown much to a greater extent.And infrastructure in major cities, especially Ho Chi Minh City choose been adequate investment, first on a equality with other countries in the region. -Unilever Vietnam as the consumer goods market in this new, more â€Å"land” to business. -Economic growth of Vietnam is low guess that high consumption of products. -Finance, Vietnam credit growth, the stock market is fragmented. In addition, telecommunications systems, communications, telephone charges, postal and Internet film the highest rates around the world.So, it the introduction of the Internet in business is non possible for Unilever, although the play a desire has repeatedly refers to this goal as a way to fall upon customers and promote your products successfully in industrialized countries. b) cosmos -In addition to the extended family modeling non-traditional married family. in addition added and growing one share, and have major differences in consumer decision model extended family. -Distribution of population in Vietnam is very un level.Rural population lives in 72%  big population of 86 one thousand thousand people (13th in the world), rising by active 1 million per year. $ Hardworking, eager to learn, is considered receptive knowledge, new technology. So agreement quality human resources for Unilever  -Vietnam Educational level is comparatively high, especially in urban areas. A great deal of people graduating from high school and college … compared to other countries; progress inte llectual labor in Vietnam better exercise excellence in technology-so this is an abundant human resources for the company. Vietnam has a tender population structure and popular model extended family (including grandparents, uncles, etc. ) opportunities for Unilever because this is the companys bottom customers. -Population-planning policies of the government bequeath make in the next few decades, young people go away grow old and senescence population structure is no longer an return for Unilever. In addition, the extended family in the middle (the well-nigh common family structure in Vietnam), the pick of purchasing a product, especially high-end products, generally considered very carefully.So, multitude consumption of personal care items (personal care) not as much as senior SSWD group (single, separate, widowed, divorced) in the capitalist countries. 2. 1. 2 Politics and honor a) political In the context of terrorism, war, epidemics, etc. Recently, the Vietnamese re gime is considered stable and was selected as one of the safest destinations in Asia-Pacific own, and lift peace of mind to investors. Unilever-a world renowned company with strong financial background has decided to place up a branch in Vietnam †Unilever Vi? t Nam.We show that they also felt good political environment in our countrys favorable conditions for long-run growth of the company. b) Legislation Legal system more complete, create favorable conditions for foreign companies such as Unilever to promote investment, business  Done still grunt opinions (both excess and insufficient, inconsistent, overlapping  Our countrys economy is on runway to develop stronger, deeper integration into the world economy, thus modifying, perfecting the jural system that are consistent with international law is very same urgency. 2. . 3 Nature and technology a) Natural Vietnam is located in a comparatively favorable position in the region, with a long coastline, many large seapor ts to facilitate the export of goods when Unilever began to localise on exports in the near future. Hot and humid tropical climate is not suitable for or so products originating from the parent company in Europe. Vietnam particularly lavish source of medicinal raw materials for the production of consumer goods as well as research products. b) Technology -In foothold of the countrys technology still weak, so Unilever bring their echnology not only their most advanced  -The change in production technology at the plant is small, even if it was done in the branch Unilever in other markets. The only change when the demands of the competition. -Because Unilever consumer goods production has more or «Technology» fairly stable  2. 1. 4 nicety and Society †Vietnam has a very diverse culture, robust and rich -Vietnam is a country of religious liberty to distribute, advertise products not subject to many constraints as well as strict as many other Asiatic countries. Vietnam state religion is Buddhism, traditional customs and rites right-down Asians. Culture regions, provinces, districts and villages. 2. 2 Micro Environment 2. 2. 1, customers Lipton target customers are elderly or middle-aged (30-50). They will be making decisions for the majority of problems in life, including the choice of the consumer to buy the product. â€Å"Many tea drinkers choose Lipton because it is truly inexpensive and you can get it just about anywhere. It is surprising that more people do not drink tea, as they would longer, happier and healthier lives if they did” (Winslow 2006).Furthermore, some customers call that taking anti-oxidants are healthy, thus, customers drink a duo of gallons per week: â€Å"Tea makes you look younger withal and gives you energy as well. 2. 2. 2 Competitors One of the major competitors for Lipton in the world ice tea market is Nestle refreshment Company, maker of Nestea Ice Tea, well-known(a) competitor for Lipton ice tea . Like Lipton-Unilever, Nestle Refreshment Company has forged agreement with another pop manufacturer, Coca Cola.\r\n'

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'The Buddha Image: A Foundation for Attachment\r'

'Madeline Brisbane Buddhism Course Assignment 11/16/11 The Buddha Image: A invertebrate foot for Attachment According to Freedburg, the reservoir of The Power of Images, a figure resembling human mannequin â€Å"enables the reconstitution of life” and makes â€Å"the polish off present and the dead alive” (p. 11)1. An ascertain pre practise the aura of the person it resembles, and therefore wholeows for an eternal inwardness to remain afterwards death. Within the realm of Buddhism, simulacrums of the Buddha serve a wide variety of spireligious rite and hardheaded purposes. For some(prenominal), retentivity a Buddha picture show in their folk is a sign of respect.Others find it comforting and peaceable to look at a Buddha design. In some parts of the world, specifically selenium Asia, the Buddha regard is a symbol of supernatural power and protection, and is essential to the faculty of rituals. If a ritual fails to succeed in the absence of a Buddha reach, because there must be an mutuality surrounded by shapes and ritualistic success. And if an interdependency exists, then the entire concept contradicts the Buddhas education of non-attachment because the ritual becomes habituated to the heraldic bearing of a Buddha frame.Through an analysis of he origins and growing of the use of Buddha images and relics in Southeast Asia, it would appear that an arrested development with the charge of a Buddha image has emerged, conflicting with Buddhas teaching about non-attachment. As the second Noble justice states, attachment is the origin of suffering. at that placefore, to foster an interdependency mingled with images and ritualistic success would go against the most aboriginal value of Buddhism.In coiffure to maintain the most basal ideals of Buddhism, the Buddha image must only serve as a reminder of the Buddhas presence rather than s a requirement component of practicing rituals effectively. To image the Buddha is not a modern concept; the Buddha must receive al looks been imagined through stories, myths, and symbols. However, there argon some(prenominal) legends surrounding the origins or the first Buddha image. The most germane(predicate) theory regarding the original Buddha image to Southeast Asia is the tommyrot of the sandalwood statue.The story appears in some(prenominal) Buddhist texts that emerged oer time throughout Asia. Most relevant to Southeast Asia is the Pali text from Sri Lanka recounted in the Kosala-Bimba-Vannana. In ummary, the story claims that after King Pasanedi of Kosala arrived to the Jetavana monastery to visit the Buddha only to find the Buddha away(predicate) on a Journey, he leaves in disappointment. He returns later and tells the Buddha that to he would like to â€Å"have an image made in the likeness of the Tathagata… for the benefit of the wholly world. 2 The Buddha then adds that those who build an image of the Buddha forget â€Å"accrue a great , immeasurable, incalculable benefit. â€Å"3 Upon sightedness the gilded, yellow- robed statue, with the Buddhas teaching inscribed into the statue, the Buddha xpands on the laudable benefits ot making Buddha images . These benefits include avoiding rebirth into Buddhist hells; existence reborn into wealthy families; and veritable(a)tually attaining enlightenment. Within the statue, the dharma and the Buddha image are â€Å"cohesively conjoined. 4From this ancient tale, it is clear that the first Buddha image was built based on the kings desire to flavor the presence of the Buddha even when he was not physically present. The need to feel the Buddhas presence has survived thousands of years, as many Buddhists still value the Buddha image as a reminder of his prevailing presence. Despite the non-theistic nature of earlier Buddhism, the dedication that followers of the path have to keeping Buddha images around illustrates that they worshipped and continue to worship the Buddh a greatly.They cherish the notion of feeling the Buddhas presence at all times. The Theravada branch of Buddhism exemplifies the extent to which the Buddhas presence is valued by followers of the path. As Theravada ascended into Southeast Asia from Sri Lanka after the eleventh century B. C. E. , vernacular traditions ecame increasingly popular. In nature, Theravada Buddhism worships the historic model of the Buddha as a superhuman confident of miraculous deeds.Relics were therefore treasured as objects of magical power that allowed an â€Å"actual physical connection to the Buddha” because they were all part of the Buddhas body or came into physical intercommunicate with it. 5 Because it became impossible to exist in the presence of the Buddha in his physical form after his death, inserting a relic into an image became a way to resume the physical presence of the Buddha. In doing so, he image would supposedly provide protection against evil forces. However, when the Budd ha image is revered for its supernatural protective strength, the Buddha image becomes a controversial concept.It seems that the more recent traditions of magical mentality and anticipation associated with Buddha images and relics has caused a shift away from the diachronic emphasis on the original monastic look on of high moral responsibility and spiritual practice. preferably of following ones cause karmic duties of doing good in order to receive good or trusting ones own ability to practice ituals successfully the old-fashioned way, the presence of the Buddha image during ritual has turned into a fate for many Buddhists.If the presence of a Buddha image is indispensable for rituals to work properly, then there has to an interdependency between the Buddha image and ritualistic success. Western scholar Donald Swearer, author of Becoming the Buddha, argues that â€Å"the Buddha must be… present for the ritual to be efficacious for the dhamma to flourish, and for the sa ngha to prosper. ” Moreover, scholar David Eckel makes the point that â€Å" pile experience mental nguish when they enkindlenot see the Buddha. 6 Wouldnt the initiation of images therefore foster an attachment between cosmos and objects?This correlation between the Buddha image and the potentiality of rituals, the dharma, and the sangha makes the Buddha image a very powerful entity. There is even an association between kings and material symbols of the Buddha, particularly relics and images. There is a Thai custom of swearing committal to the king in front of the Emerald Buddha image; the Buddha image can therefore be seen as a symbol of power and not Just a representation of the Buddha. Furthermore, the Buddha image is presently interpreted as a sign of respect and a way for devotees to make merit; â€Å"the Buddhas field of merit is secret agent… hrough his continued post-Nibbana presence in his relics and images. â€Å"7 It Buddha images currently tunction a s a means to validate the effectiveness of rituals and to make merit, then there is an undeniable interdependency between the Buddha image and the success of rituals as an fount of religious devotion, and therefore an attachment between the two. imputable to the fact that non-attachment is one of the most fundamental values established ithin Buddhism, to classify the Buddha image as a necessity would be to diverge from Buddhism altogether.In simpler terms, to be certified on the Buddha image is to form an attachment with it, and to form an attachment is to defy the basic ideals of Buddhism. Thus, the evolution of the Buddha image as a means of preserving the Buddhas presence into an entity that is necessary for the proper execution of rituals and spiritual success, then we can no longer categorize this concept as an appropriate element of Buddhism. The Four Noble truths are the essence of the Buddhist path, and to defy them is to defy Buddhism altogether.\r\n'

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'Total amount of holdings News Corporation\r'

' nonchalant Mirror, recent York Post, Sun, Times, XX Century Fox Films, HarperCollins… †is on that point anybody, who doesn’t know these names nowadays? but not everybody knows that all of them are the names of owing(p) Empire word of honor federation, which belongs to Rupert Murdoch.Total amount of h everywhereageings intelligence activity Corporation for June 2001 was 43 milliard dollars, and annual income of the go with was 14 milliard dollars. more than then 30.000 employees work in 720 firms, which belong to the company in 52 countries all over the world. Isn’t it impressive? And at the full point of all those companies is one(a) and only(a) soul †Rupert Murdoch. How he managed to do it? Cannot we give his â€Å"know-how”? Stuart Crainer tries to reply with changing success all these questions.When I get word this book, the showtime thing I noticed that I didn’t regret reading it. I implant a lot of interesting info rmation, which was written in good literary language. You read the book with check breath, trying to understand secrets of a giant of media industry. entirely those things leave behind help you in your future brio †not only in business organization. They explain get along to heart †these facts toilette change you life, they can puff an earthquake in the system of your values.By Crainer’s whimsy, although Rupert Murdoch is the head of one of the most self-made and influential companies in the world, his style of management was examined rarely. This book is determined to remove this gap to some extent. Not accidentally you can see already in the header control to show 10 chief(prenominal) secrets how to create successful business.It is biography by genre, and the author seems to claim to the usage of â€Å"business-biographer” of the mighty of this world. Curious reader certainly will pick up out details from early life of media giant. You can f ind in the book chronology of authorised bargains and business deals, which resulted creation of that which is called now â€Å"the Empire of give-and-take Corporation”.But the story about a person by name Rupert Murdoch is not the primary(prenominal) for the author. The main milestones of Murdoch’s life are presented in the fictitious character of necessary â€Å"frame” for business phenomena called â€Å"Rupert Murdoch”.In capacity of background, where the interpret of main hero of narration is boldly demonstrated, Crainer skilfully uses different theoretical conceptions, results of examinations, investigations, management models of such recognisable authorities in the field of management as Henry Minzberg, Warren Bernis, Fill Hodgeson, Rendell White, Jay Forester, etc.When other renowned businessmen †for example, Bill Gates †found their popularity by their innovations and ability to choose time for serious business deals; the success o f Rupert Murdoch is based on his ability to be a perfect manager. Essence of this quality and main reasons of his career success the author tried to get down by formulating 10 secrets of successful business.Murdoch is follower of old school of management. In description of professional management of ambitious manager you will not find â€Å"motives” which are so popular nowadays, as never-ending learning, delegation of extreme powers and responsibility. Business is a war, and life, by opinion of businessman, is nothing more nor less than â€Å" series of interconnected wars”.Rupert Murdoch was born in Melbourne (Australia). He was a son of famous Australian military pressman and publicist Sir Kate Murdoch (1886-1952) (Andrew Walker, p.5). After he graduated from Worchester college (Oxford, 1953) he inherited from his father two newspapers in Adelaide (Australia) †â€Å" sunlight Mail” and â€Å"The word”. In 1969 he bought his first newspaper in Great Britain †London â€Å"News of the World”.Four years later he bought already two newspapers in the USA: â€Å"San Antonio News” (subsequently â€Å"Express-News”) and â€Å"Texas News”. In 1974 Murdoch finally settles down in New York and continues his business, buying more and more newspapers. From the commence of 80-s people start to speak about Murdoch as one of biggest media-magnates of the world. After he bought in 1985 studio XX Century Fox Films, his power started to spread over cinema, and later over TV-industry as well.Nowadays Rupert Murdoch is giant mammoth of Empire The News Corporation Ltd (Woopidoo! Biographies Business Masters, p.1), which consists of 3 regional colossi †News Ltd (Australia), News International (Great Britain) and News America Holdings Inc. (USA).Totally News Corporation, which states a value of $30 milliards, consists of slightly 800 companies, from which 52 are quite big. The biggest enterprises: BSkyS , Los Angeles Dodgers, XX Century Fox Film and Star TV (Center for American Progress p.1). Annual income of Rupert Murdoch Empire was approximately $12 milliards during those years.Rupert Murdoch is really prominent figure. By opinion of the author Stuart Crainer, co-founder of consulting company Suntop Media, in civil genial conscience rules such a vicious grasp of Murdoch that nobody would like to share the same direction with such a person.Society remembers that already at the beginning of his career magnate didn’t disdain to use such means as to publish in once serious issues erotic and scandal materials; he fired his own workers without any compunction; in other words, he used everything, which in his opinion, in any way could assist in developing of media giant (, p.1).\r\n'

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'Donne’s Poetry Essay\r'

'This establish will look at the form, structure and nub of â€Å"The item” in an attempt to offer an written report as to what the verse form is about. It will examine the metaphysical poets, and discuss the techniques employed by them to express their views. â€Å"The token” consists of three 11- get stanzas which incorporate tetrameter (four metrical feet), pentameter (five metrical feet) and 2 tri-meter (three metrical feet) lines per stanza. It is written mainly in iambic pentameter and has a rhyming pattern of aabbcddceee. This gives the poem a songlike quality which is associated with this type of lyric poetry.\r\n individually stanza is made up of a single curse which, with the help of the meter, forces the first four lines of separately rhythm to be pronounce rapidly. The caesura then slows down the reading, create the lecturer to reflect more deeply on what has been said. In the first line of â€Å"The Relic”, Donne uses images allied wi th death. This names it easy for the annulorser to mistake the theme of the poem as universe about dying. By utilize the personal pronoun ‘my’ (l. 1) placed alongside the noun ‘grave’ (l. 1) it is suggested that it is Donne’s own grave which is be made university extension to, thus reinforcing the impression of a mournful poem.\r\nHowever, when Donne goes on to describe the exhumation of his and his warmthr’s corpses, by and by they have rotted away(p), the poem changes from embodying death to celebrating savor. The referee becomes awargon that although he is dead, death is non the truthful significance present. The move from death to fare is introduced with: ‘A wristband of coruscant bull about the bone,’ (l. 6). This line could be interpreted as a marriage ring joining the couple together; adding to the saturation of their love. However, this is explained in ‘The Funeral’ (p 309) as ‘a loc k of pilus tied about his arm’ (p 309).\r\nThis explanation could with reach from the source of the line. The line seems to have more pronouncework forcet without this bedledge, adding an extra dimension to the poem, so allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions about the affinity between the couple. The apposition of a grave with a pair of l overs is a potent, paradoxical metaphor that is shocking to the reader. This pairing would not automatically be seen as romantic solely Donne succeeds in conveying this impression.\r\nBy indicating that the gravedigger would ‘think that at that place a loving couple lies,’ (l. 8) after noticing the ‘bracelet of bright hair about the bone,’ (l.6), Donne successfully communicates that ‘The Relic’ is a poem about eternal love; love has survived beyond death. This collocation of opposing elements is a technique ofttimes employed by the metaphysical poets to express their thoughts and fe elings.\r\nThe metaphysical poets were influenced by Neo-Platonism ; a dust of philosophical and theo transp bent doctrines . However, this highly abstract and over theoretical approach to poetry can make it less accessible; alienating a spacious selection of readers. Poetry should not only be about intellectual superiority which, it could be argued, is often associated with the metaphysical poets.\r\nThis appeared to be the view of Samuel Johnson, who was the first to enunciate this generation of authors ‘The Metaphysical Poets’: The puff up-nigh heterogeneous inclinations are yoked by violence together: nature and trick are ransacked for illustrations, comparisons, and allusions; their learning instructs, and their subtilty surprises; but the reader commonly thinks his improvement dearly bought, and, though he sometimes admires, is seldom pleased. T. S. Eliot, whilst admitting the difficulty in formation metaphysical poetry, opposed Johnson’s view.\r\n When considering ‘Donne’s near successful and characteristic effects … ’ he employ sections of the line ‘A bracelet of bright hair about the bone,’ (l. 6) to illustrate his approval of their methods: … the most powerful effect is produced by the sudden contrast of associations of ‘bright hair’ and ‘bone’. This telescoping of images and multiplied associations [… ] is one of the sources of the invigoration of their language. (p 1099) If we look again at line 8 of â€Å"The Relic”, it is noticeable that the gravedigger would only ‘think that thither a loving couple lies,’ (l. 8).\r\nIt would be logical to assume that a husband would be buried with his wife, so the use of ‘think’ (l. 8) is puzzling. By chase this with the apparently polysemous ‘lies,’ (l. 8) the poem could be read differently, altering the entire meaning to suggest that their love was only a fa ntasy. Anformer(a) characteristic of metaphysical poetry is its tendency to use ghostlike mental imagery to express its views. Towards the end of the first stanza, â€Å"The Relic” introduces the apprehension of ‘their souls, at the last busy daytime,’ (l. 10).\r\nThis has been interpreted as a veiled reference to judgement day and leads the reader smoothly into the gage stanza where the images of death are replaced with a high lexical density of religious vocabulary. Donne uses lexis such as ‘mis-devotion’ and ‘doth command’ (l. 13);\r\n‘Bishop’ (l. 15); ‘relics’ (l. 16); ‘Mary Magdalen’ (l. 17); and ‘miracles’ (ll. 20-22) in order to extend the religious metaphor, introduced at the end of the first stanza, to evoke powerful images in the top dog of the reader. Donne raises the question, in line 17, of who the ‘I’ really is here? It has been suggested, all through ti me, that Mary Magdalene was the wife of the Nazarene and perhaps even bore him a child.\r\nThis estimate of Mary Magdalene’s companion perhaps being rescuer seems to be a c oncept that the metaphysical poets would enjoy debating; so adding a cerebral quality to their work. The line ‘All women shall adore us, and some men;’ (l. 19) juxtaposed with the repetition of ‘miracles’ (ll. 20-22) adds credence to the idea that saviour is lying beside Mary Magdalene, especially when the reader takes into account the reference to ‘harmless lovers’ (l. 22).\r\nThe fact, that this couple ‘wrought’ (l. 22); which promoter moulded or formed; ‘miracles’ (l. 22) suggests that the ‘I’ (l.17) could be a reference to Jesus. The suggestion that when the couple are at long last dug up they will be presented to ‘the Bishop and the King,’ (l. 15) march on strengthens this connection with Christ. A Bishop (who is a senior ingredient of Christian clergy) is thought to be a replacement of the twelve Apostles of Christ by some churches, and a King is the ruler of a kingdom.\r\nOnly the most important of people would be afforded the privilege of an audience before either of these men. In the first stanza it is automatically assumed that Donne is the man lying in his grave.\r\nThis is patently because he is the author of the poem and he uses the genitive pronoun ‘my’ (l. 1) in the first line. This poses the question, if he was referring to Jesus, was Donne likening himself to Christ? The reader is left to wonder. There is a transform in focus from the overtly religious second stanza to a more reflective account of the couples love in the final stanza. It is implied, in the first line, that the relationship was not as perfect as previously indicated. The use of the adverb ‘First,’ (l. 23) placed before ‘we loved well and faithfully,’ (l.\r\n23 ) could indicate that at a belatedlyr find out the couple did not love each other quite as honestly as they had once done. This is followed with what could be considered as a lament from somebody who has lost their lover. The use of the past tense, with the verb ‘knew’ (l. 25) rather than ‘know’ seems to signify an ending to the relationship which has occurred whilst the couple were close up alive. This is reinforced with the line: ‘nature, injured by late faithfulness, sets free: / These miracles we did;’ (ll. 30-31). Therefore the injuries caused by human law are more important than the ‘miracles’ (l.\r\n31) of their love, which are insignificant as they are set ‘free’ (l. 31) or cast aside. This indicates their love was not strong lavish to conquer the laws of their time. This could also be a boost reference to Christ and Mary Magdalene as, had they had a relationship, they could both have been forced to fore go their love for Christianity; an idea that Donne would perhaps want to offer up for consideration. In the final lines, if we take ‘measure’ (l. 32) to mean flection (the study of poetic meter) and language to mean the lexis being used, the vocabulary seems to be reflective of the poem itself.\r\nThese lines appear to say he feels he should communicate the reading to others but is unsure whether he should tell others of the ‘miracle’ (l. 33) he feels the woman besides him was. As the poem is already doing this, it is playing a game with the reader. In conclusion, Donne uses unique(predicate) poetic techniques in an effective and striking way. However, the reader often gets lost in trying to mold exactly what he is trying to say. It could be argued that the power of poetry should lie in its subjectivity; each reader being able to take away what they want from the reading.\r\nAfter all, in the words of Cleanth put up : There is no ideal reader, of cours e, and I excogitate that the practising critic can never be excessively often reminded of the gap between his reading and the â€Å" line up” reading of the poem. (p. 1368) Bibliography Brooks, C. (1951) The Formalist Critics, The Norton Anthology opening And Criticism, ed. Vincent B. Leitch, full general Editor, (New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc, 2001). collins, W. (2005) Collins English Dictionary, Suffolk: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.\r\nConner, M. Dr. http://www. eng. fju. html [accessed February 2008]. Eliot, T. S. (1921) The Metaphysical Poets, The Norton Anthology Theory And Criticism, ed. Vincent B. Leitch, General Editor, (New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc, 2001).\r\nJohnson, S. (1783) From Lives of the English Poet, The Norton Anthology Theory And Criticism, ed. Vincent B. Leitch, General Editor, (New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc, 2001). Princeton University. (2008) http://www. thefreedic tionary. com/neoplatonism, (USA: Farlex, Inc) [ accessed February 2008].\r\n'

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'“Night” Point of View Essay\r'

'David Wicks1-15-12 Mr. ChesnoffEnglish 10H P. O. V #2 As the seemingly endless, grueling, painful excrete from populate to camp came to an end, we had to endure yet another horrible situation. collectable to the excitement of arriving at our destination, we all packed into the barracks in like manner quickly. People were being trampled and suffocated under the mad frighten away of the freezing bo run downs. I was one of the unlucky ones who had been pushed, shoved and pelt and now was being crushed under the cant of the cover cold flesh.I surely would have been blot outed by the lack of air or under the coarse amount of weight that was oppress my frail body. I stayed calm for a moment to collect my thoughts and and then gathered up my strength to yell, ‘”You’re crushing me… have mercy! ’ I thought, I’ve make it this far and I can’t die like this. Once more I mustered up the strength to exclaim, ‘you’re crushing m e… mercy, have mercy! ’”. To my strike the body right on fade of me answered my cries of help. It was Elie, the boy I remembered from my original work camp, he was the one who received 25 lashings.What a surprise to meet him here! I was surprised and a little delighted that someone I knew had do it this far. I explained to him how I was tired, and how my feet were swollen and hurt me because of the ice cold stiff ground we were forced to run on. In addition I told him I was confused that the weight of the people would break my fiddle and that I required to find a way out. I had hid my violin under all of my garments while I ran and wherever I went to keep it safe. This violin was the scarce link left that I had with the outside human being.I needed to keep it safe at all costs. I managed to slip away from the cluster of bodies and found an hollow part of the room where I pulled out my acquiesce and brushed off my violin of all the smut and snow. I took a moment to observe what the Germans had broken us down to. I can plainly describe it as lifeless skeletons, who live exactly to see their next ration. The sight was too a lot for me to bear. I thought of the most moving and sacred piece that I knew and I began to play part of a Beethoven concerto. I knew my ultimate requisite yet I continued to play.As things calmed down, I had find that my music had put many to sleep including Elie. I played for about ten minutes until I had finished my piece, that’s when the guards came for me. With club in pass away I was held back as I watched my violin get smashed, crushed and turned to nothing. I had fair(a) witnessed my last true happiness, my last connection to the world outside these gates, outside these restraints. I opened cobblers last with open arms because I knew that though they could kill my body, they could never kill my legacy.\r\n'

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'SWOT Analysis Tencent Limited Holding\r'

'IntroductionIn March 2010 McKinsey published an term circleing with the obsession of the network of the Chinese state by reason the fol haplessing statement „ hoi polloi in the coun analyse’s 60 largest cities snuff it 70 percent of their leisure time online. unstable changes in the consumer food food market argon alikely as a result.â€Å"1 China’s bring ins population outgrowthd at the check of 2012 to a total flesh of 564 billion drillrs comp atomic number 18d to just approximately 250 million ingestionrs in 2008, according to the China lucre profits Information C estimate (CNNIN).2 The main reasons for this enormous harvest is strongly connected with different aspects, as for show slickness the general growth of Gross-Domestic-Product (GDP), lower priced computers, much affordable telecom connection fees, regime tide over to profits usage, and low-cost entertainment aspects. This affected, that in any case lower income groups st arted to single-valued function the internet.3 Answering to this prof go for sufferment and growth of Chinas mesh population, the lucre service industry is nearly to improver up to 17 percentages in 2013. In the culture old age, the cyberspace service industry achieved flat iodine-year development rates up to 20 percentages, resulting of the booming demand.The net market seems to be quite cheery for the moment but even in the following days researches forecast an one-year growth of approximately 10 percentages. This is due to the expansion of existing extends in the bea of e-commerce and ad work.4 Observing the numbers, 148 million wad suffer already experienced Internet shop since 2010 and it is expected that 30 million people testament addition exclusivelyy take away use of it by the end of 2015.5 The Economist stated, â€Å"the future of e-commerce is China”.6 anyways the e-commerce and advertisement services as well the application services b ecame more than and more important over the last years because of the introduction of smartphones and tablets.7Recognizing the trends, Tencent Holdings check decided 20 years ago to enter the market and fin onlyy became the largest Internet Service Portal in China. Tencent even so enjoys a quasi monopoly position, which is hardly endangered due to move arguing. That is the reason why they need to think about victimization rising opportunities and copeing upcoming threats. Consequently Tencent should brook out a Strengths-, Weaknesses-, Opportunities-, Threats-Analysis (SWOT-Analysis), which includes the study of their declare weaknesses and chromas in the informal dimension and the resulting opportunities and threats large-minded from remote influences.This subject impart starting timely give an overview about the internal strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore Tencent’s impertinent surroundings exit be analyzed and the results leave behind be apply for defining the opportunities and threats of the conjunction Before starting with the tangible SWOT-Analysis for Tencent the first Chapter gives a short explanation about SWOT-Analysis in general.2 Definition SWOT- Analysis As mentioned in the introduction, there are two different separate of changes in the milieu, which lead to affect the performance of companies. This chapter will explain the difference between internal and external milieu and their interaction. Furthermore the beside part will explain the so-called SWOT-Analysis in detail.Internal milieu synopsis points out strengths and weaknesses of a corporation that in turn, supports decision-making fulfilles concerning the discourse of upcoming threats and opportunities.8 Knowing which strengths and weaknesses the gild has to face, the internal surround analysis studies aspects like assets, people or fellowship on the one hand and financial deadlines or gaps in capabilities on the separate hand.9 Analyzing the in ternal surroundings is very important because it defines the capability of the company to deal with the threats and opportunities given by the external milieu.10 remote surroundings deals with all developments on the marketplace, including political, economical, social, legal and technical conditions as well as customers, competitors, suppliers and the public. Changes in the external environment or the so-called STEEP (socialcultural, scientific, ecological, economical, political/legal)  overstretch the companies in most cases to rethink their actual strategy, to harbor use of the emerged opportunities and to observe occurring threats.11 As for instance utilize the development of a peeled market as opportunity or dealing with threats as new competitors or diminish demand.12 To use opportunities means to develop a best-practice strategy. Regarding this, companies fix to decide, whether it is the best opportunity to turn something in short supply, to provide something i n a better way what already exists, or to bring about a totally new return.13 Concerning to that, the company has to grapple if there exists demand, needs and wants for the intersection they want to provide.14 face up threats and not severe to fend them often leads to decreasing profits or lower sales. On the one hand knowing these threats gives the opportunity to react and trying to block, that threats are going to influence the company’s performance.15 On the other hand firms often do not have control over the threats, which affects the company negatively like for instance new competitors are entering the marketplace. This results in giving up electromotive force customers and thus decreasing demand.16Bringing the internal and external environment analysis together is what you call a SWOT-Analysis. The SWOT-Analysis evaluates all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a company, which builds the base for a strategy formulation.17 substance that knowing the strengths and reduce weaknesses help companies to use opportunities on the one side, On the other side to use strengths and develop strategies to avoid that weaknesses will perish the organise of threats. After this short definition of the SWOT-Analysis the next measurement will be to work out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the Tencent Holdings modified. 3 SWOT-Analysis of Tencent Holdings Limited3.2 Internal Environment AnalysisAs mentioned in the Introduction the Internet Industry in China is booming. To cover all possible marketplaces in the Internet Tencent offers a handsome range of products and services. Besides the most popular service, the instantaneous Messenger called QQ including numerous added services, Tencent provides online media, (wireless) internet value added services, synergistic entertainment services, oddly in the online-gaming sector, e-commerce platforms and services as well as online advertisement services.18 Tencent al so follows current trends, as for instance launching a nimble application of a message service and added games and a mobile payment system, because of the latest development of utilise smartphones and tablets instead of personal computers.19 Tencent is one of the oldest Internet corporations in China and with its QQ platform the company goed 798,2 million exploiter accounts by the end of 2012.20 As a result, Tencent influenced the communion instauration in China fundamentally. Another strengths lies unimpeachably in the broad product and service offer of Tencent and the way in which they create synergies. The company offers septette main business lines, starting from instant electronic messaging to online advertisement services. Besides just offering bighearted services, Tencent tries to bind their users to the company’s value-added and paid services, in auberge to make profit.21 The strategy aims to offer the Internet population the possibility to use a abunda nt variety of services in one company.Furthermore Tencent could hit a fate of experiences and knowledge over the quondam(prenominal) 20 years as one of the first providers in the Internet service sector, which signifi substructuretly fortify the company’s research and development abilities. patronage having already the mature technology in the market, fractional of the employees of Tencent belong to the Research and Development department, to ensure Tencent’s current market leading position and receive this competitive advantage. to boot to that the Tencent Research institute, which is China’s first Internet institute with the main goals in research and development of core technology on the Internet, supports the corporation in universe innovative.22 Another strength of Tencent is their workforce as Tencent sees them as the â€Å"most extraordinary asset and emphasized on the training of employees” by using different Training Systems.23 Moreover Tencent Holdings Limited is the trio largest Internet operator in the orb and the largest listed company in China.24 Benefitting from more advantages due to the companiescompany’s size there are also weaknesses the company has to face. In the following part the internal environment focuses on revealing the weaknesses of Tencent.Regarding the large variety of the product range Tencent,Tencent faces the fear of cannibalization because it creates a competitive occurrence in between their products. An example can be giving by the different instant messaging services WeChat and QQ or TM and RTX, which serve the aforementioned(prenominal) purpose. Besides that QQ mobile messenger gets more and more the look of WeChat, which makes it even more competitive and leads to high confusion for the consumers.25 Moreover Tencent greatest weakness is existence not really innovative rather than being a â€Å"transcript cat”. This occurs with the fact, that Tencent copied a lot from successful western companies. QQ for example is a copy of the Israeli invention ICQ and SOSO, the search engine of Tencent uses especially Google as a model.To conclude the internal environment analysis, one can summarize, that Tencent is a extremely true company with a lot of market precedent due to their long existence. On the opposite Tencent can notcannot convince with real innovative power. To get an idea what influences TencentsTencent’s decision externally the next tint will be to analyze the current market situation of the Internet market in China.3.1 External Environment AnalysisTencent operates in a highly ambitious and rapidly changing environment. To get an idea what external impacts Tencent has to face it is important to know, what external factors the Chinese Internet market is about. As already mentioned China, faces a fast growing market in e-commerce because of the increasing number of Internet shoppers. The government noticed the importance of thi s growing market as well and plans to â€Å"upgrade the technological capabilities of e-commerce”.27 Another importance opportunity lies in using the political support, which is communicated in the 12th five-year plan and includes the support for the â€Å"new-generation IT” and additionally the advance of the information networks, mobile confabulation and the Internet.28 China is nowadays the largest Internet market in the world, which implicates that it is also one of the most competitive markets in the world.In addition to the high development of the Internet painting many companies entered the market in the last years, which leads to a highly competitive situation in general. Chinas Internet population is yet growing but the annual growing ratio halved already from 20 percentages in the last years to 10 percentages as forecasted. Besides that, more and more startups enter the markets, which results sooner or later in a fully well-to-do market and a loss in profit and market constituent.As an example for the highly competitive market, the digit below shows the current competition situation on the search engine market in China.There are already eight providers only for search engines on the market including world(prenominal) companies like Yahoo and Google. The low market share of these global companies underlines the fact, that there are still restrictions from the government concerning the fully market access of these companies.Image : China Search Engine Market donation in August 201330Even if governmental regulations already have relaxed a bit, Chinese Internet sector faces still a lot of restrictions. Chinas Internet companies benefit by this, because many foreign websites are still block up and they are not exposed to powerful competitors like Facebook. This in consequence creates the possibility to develop and intone own applications. On the other hand it could become a threat as soon as the government decides to abolish this restrictions. Chinese Internet companies accordingly have to face the full transnational competition against global players as for example Google.31 After giving this overview about the external and internal environment the next chapter will use this information by concluding recommendations about Tencent’s future strategy.3.3 SWOT-Analysis and RecommendationsTencent entered the Internet market in many different dimensions and accordingly places their product and service offering. Due to the earlier analysis, there are especially three main product categories where Tencent should use their opportunities in further expansion. Firstly, Tencent should, due to the growth-intensive market segment, plump their e-commerce offer by ontogenesis for instance their website To even attract more possible Internet shoppers, they also should expand their online advertisement services. Thus, they can make use of synergies they already created through their broad offers, b y linking their advertisements services with the shopping sites they own. This second measure, leads to the creation of new emf profit zones.Thirdly, Tencent should not only focus on expanding existing offers but also develop new products, as for instance in the sector of hide computing. By doing so, they can fully exhausting governmental support. Taking into consideration, that the market will be overt up in the long-term, Tencent should emphasis their innovation process on new products and services for the national and also world-wide market. This should not be very intemperate to accomplish, since Tencent disposes of a highly experienced workforce in Research and Development. This in consequence will modify the company to expand international and compete with other global players. If Tencent wants to keep their position as the third largest Internet company in the world they have to continue growing their business. Considering the slower growing Internet population in Chi na, Tencent needs to go international to keep their growing position.Tencent did this by investing in foreign companies as for instance in the case of FAB.3233 This expansion should be continued in order to gain international market share and increase their portfolio in other Internet based services, as well as to improve their overall operative capability. Another possibility to do so is by expanding through strategical alliances… By building strategic business partnerships within China and gaining market share in several(prenominal) sectors Tencent is also able to fend the threat of market portal by international Internet companies in turn. Tencent furthermore has got a highly influence on the communication world in China as one of the oldest Internet company and built already a lot of barriers for international companies.Taking the messenger service QQ as an example for the broadly speaking used messenger in China it enjoys a very high customer liability. Consequently T encent could prevent loosing their position in China because although of the feared abolishment of several governmental restrictions concerning the entry of international companies. Additionally Tencent should try to avoid that QQ gets more and more the look of WeChat. As already explained, this could tempt users to change to competitors because of confusion. In this case, Tencent should regard cannibalization by offering differentiated products of the same purpose, to avoid losing costumers to competitors. The image below shows a summery of the named points and what the SWOT-Analysis and recommendations for the Tencent Holdings Limited contain.Image 2: SWOTs of Tencent Holdings Limited344 ConclusionInternet business in China is still one of the fastest growing industries in the world and Tencent used and uses this opportunity a lot in expanding existing products, launching new services and developing better solutions for the internet population in general. These actions are suppor ted by the try of going more and more international. Even though the external environment analysis showed that the Internet market is influenced by many factors, which co-determines the performance of Tencent an all the other Internet companies. To reach the best performance they could get, Tencent has to use its strengths and to improve its weaknesses to make the best out of every trend, meaning using opportunities and fending threats.To summarize what the work pointed out in the previous chapter, Tencent shouldTencent should expand their e-commerce and their online advertisement services. Moreover there is a big opportunity to create national and international strategic businesses trough the investments or the development of own innovations, which should be easily possible due to he strong research and development activity of Tencent. Additionally to that, Tencent already is the third largest Internet company worldwide, which makes it easier for them to enter international markets and gaining new customers all around the world.Regarding the governmental aspects, Tencent needs to use the supports given by the government and stress the development of new systems. Furthermore Tencent should definitely try to further build their market entry barriers. As a conclusion, the SWOT-Analysis of Tencent Holdings Limited showed, that the company is justifiedly positioned at the top in the world´s largest Internet market, due their numerous strengths. But in times of liberalization, globalization and an almost satisfied domesticated market, Tencent has to fight against the identified threats in the upcoming years.\r\n'

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'English Tort Law Essay\r'

'Answer:\r\nThis question raises well-nigh issues from slackness. In order to answer this question it is demand to k outright about default, avocation of care, and burst of duty, source and remo cristaless. But here the most important move are employers’ obligation, multiple obligation or causation, and person-to-person injury. Here the principal(prenominal) findings attemptament be Betty buster is an employee of these companies or non, she can sue for asbestos- associate mesothelioma as a one-third person.\r\nHere the hithertots are evoke associate engagemented as a carpenter for thirty-five years, organism employed by Right Ltd for ten years, consequently by Ruff Ltd for a however ten years and and so by Shoddy plc for fifteen years. Right Ltd were shop fitters, Ruff Ltd produced asbestos prefabricated garages and Shoddy plc produced insulating panels for the building in spatterry.\r\nIn any(prenominal) of these jobs he was required to work with asbestos sheeting, which he usually had to cut to size both with hand saws or powered saws. Betty Bloke, chivy’s wife, always washed his work overalls every Saturday. She would handshaking them outside the back door to remove the disperse before she put them in the washing machine. Betty has now been diagnosed with asbestos-related mesothelioma and is very ill. All threesome companies deny liability for her illness.\r\nBefore attempt to discuss the potential liability of all three companies to Betty in negligence it is needful to find the relationship between Betty and all three companies. Here it is not clear that Betty was an employee of these companies or not, though every Saturday remove the dust.\r\nIn 1934 Lord Wright utter in Lochgelly Iron and scorch Co v McMullan [1934],\r\n‘In strict legal analysis, negligence meaning more than heedless or careless conduct, whether in omission or commission: it properly connotes the hard concept of duty, breach and d amage on that pointby suffered by the person to whom the duty was owing.’\r\nIn Murphy v Brentwood District Council [1990], the House of Lords held that the council was not presumable on the basis that the council could not owe a greater duty of care to the claimant than the builder. In doing so the homage also overruled Anns and the two-part bear witness, preferring instead a new three-part tryout suggested by Lords Keith, Oliver and Bridge in Caparo v Dickman [1990]. In order to inflict liability on the employers, Betty has to naturalized foresight, propinquity and fairness and it is the authorized evidence.\r\nIn Caparo industries v Dickman [1990], the shareholders in a club bought more shares and thus made a successful takeover drama for the company after studying the audited accounts prepared by the defendants. They by and by regretted the move and sued the auditors claiming that they had relied on accounts, which had shown a sizable surplus rather than the deficit that was in fact the depicted object.\r\nThe House of Lords held that the auditors owed no duty of care since company accounts are not prepared for the purposes of people winning over a company and cannot then be relied on by them for much(prenominal) purposes. Harry was an employee except the asbestos did not affect him. His wife suffered mesothelioma, so the authorized trial has to show three things if thither is to be a duty of care:\r\n1) It was reasonably foreseeable that a person in the claimant’s plant would be injured. Here for Betty Bloke, the risk was reasonably foreseeable as an employee but as a third political party it is difficult to show.\r\n2) There was sufficient proximity between the parties. Employers owed some duties to employees.\r\n3) It is fair, just and probable to impose liability.\r\nAfter the Caparo test Betty whitethorn be match three criteria. Then it deliver the goods be a vital question that Employers breach any duty or not . The second problem is who has right to sue. Harry was an employee but he is not suffered any illness though it was obvious. If Harry sues on behalf of Betty then it will justify imposing liability to the employers. Here it will be discussed considering the relevant faux pas truths. Bolton v. Stone test may be applicable to prove breach of duty. According to this test employers are not likely.\r\nAs a general rule English law does not impose a duty, reason out that the taint of X and not that of D. But specially a duty may arise. Employers are vicariously conjectural for the negligent acts or omissions. Employers are also probable under the common law principle represented in the Latin phrase, â€Å"qui facit per alium facit per se”. So match to Home Office v Dorset Yacht [1970], and Lewis case it will be consider here.\r\nIn Hotson v East Berkshire AHA [1987], a young boy suffered a fractured hip when he fell out of a tree. The hospital negligently failed to mak e a countersink early diagnosis so that he later developed avuncular necrosis, a deformity of the plane without the failure to diagnosis promptly.\r\nOn this basis the test label, and later the tap of spell, awarded him 25 per centime of the modify they would consider usurp for the loss of a candidate of recovery. The struggle judge commented that the hospital had translated the probability of the hindrance developing into a sure thing by negligence in their failure to diagnosis. However, the House of Lords allowed the Health dresser’s appeal and would not consider the trim back chance of recovery an issue of causation.\r\nIn Blythe v Birmingham Waterworks [1856], the sanctioned Rule is that the defendant must conform to the standard of care expected of a reasonable person. ‘Negligence is the omission to do something which a reasonable man guided upon those considerations which ordinary model the conduct of human affairs, would do, or doing something w hich a reasonable and prudent man would not do.\r\nBetty could get payment by applying McGhee.\r\nIn McGhee v National char Board [1973], here the claimant worked in a brick kiln where he was undecided to brick dust, a practicable cause of the dermatitis that he in fact assure. The Board was not liable for video during working hours.\r\nThey were held liable for materially increase the risk of the claimant contracting the disease because of their failure to provide washing facilities, even though it could not be shown that he could have avoided the disease if there had been facilities the reasoning of the court was that, since the employer was clearly negligent in helplessness to provide basic health and safety the agitate should shift on to them to disproved the causal link. This type of test is clearly more advantageous to a claimant than the basic ‘but for’ test employ so bolt in Hotson v East Berkshire AHA [1987].\r\nTo identify the employer’s liabi lity suffered mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos dust of Betty Fairchild v Glenhaven Funeral Services Ltd and separates is the most significant test.\r\nIn the case of Fairchild v Glenhaven Funeral Services Ltd and others [2001], the claimants suffered mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos dust over many years working for a number of different employees. The medical evidence set hat the inhaling of asbestos fibres was the cause of the disease. Nevertheless, it was impossible to identify in which particular employment the disease was certainly contracted.\r\nThe act of Appeal accepted that medical evidence could not identify a ace cause of the disease, which faculty be caused by contact with even single asbestos fibre, or may involve cumulative exposure to fibres. The speak to of Appeal in fact rejected the claims. The HLs, accepted the expert evidence that it is scientifically ambivalent whether inhaling a single fibre or brainchild of many fibres causes the disease. However, the HLs held that, because it is evident that the greater the exposure has a duty to take reasonable care to delay employees from inhaling the dust. Besides this the House felt that any other cause of developing the diseases could be ignored in the case.\r\nOn the basis that the claimants suffered the very injuries that the defendants supposed to support against, the HLs were prepare to impose liability on all employers. The House chose to apply the ‘material risk’ test from McGhee. In doing so the house held that because all of the defendants had contributed to a risk of mesothelioma, then no distinction should be drown between the makings of a material risk of causing the disease and course of action that would materially increase the risk of the diseases. Because the Employers should only be liable for proportion of the damages then each employer should be liable to compensate its employee un full, even though the employee may have inhaled more asbestos f ibres date working for another(prenominal) employee.\r\nAs a result the Court held that the tiny employer responsible could not be identified and so the claim should be rejected. It is impossible to say with certainty how the disease begins, but it is possible to identify that die exposure worsens the risk. It seems then that The Court of Appeal applied Wilsher v Essex AHA [1986] inappropriately where McGhee v National Coal Board might have been more fairly applied in the circumstance. The House of Lords has in any case subsequently reversed The Court of Appeal conclusiveness.\r\nIn Holtby v Brigham & Cowan (Hull) Ltd [2003], here the claimant had been exposed to asbestos dust for more then 40 years while working for different employers. When he contracted asbestosis he sued the defendants, for whom he had only worked for half of that time. The trial judge reduced damages by 25 per cent. The claimant appealed and tried to argue for application of the principle in McGhee, t hat once having established a material character by the defendants he was entitled to full damages. The Court of Appeal rejected his argument and upheld the trial judge’s award, even though 50 per cent deduction would have seemed more accurate. McGhee was distinguished.\r\nA absolute volume of the House of Lords in Gregg v Scott [2005], reaffirmed the general approaches in Hotson’s case should be followed and declined to depart radically from its principles.\r\nIn Wilsher v Essex AHA [1986] the House of Lords identified that the additional oxygen was just one of six possible causes of the condition and therefore it could not be verbalize to fall squarely within the risk created by the defendants. The court would not impose liability on the defendant in this circumstance although this seems very unfair.\r\nThe main purpose of the rules of causation is to exclude those thinks that are not the cause of the damage. If the same damage would have been suffered even if t he there had been no breach of duty of care, then he claimant loses. The breach of duty of duty may initiate a whole chain of further events-but some of these will be treated as to ‘remote’ from the original negligence for it to be appropriate to hold the defendant answerable for those distant outcomes.\r\nThe test of remoteness of damage in the tort of negligence was said to be whether the damage the direct issuance of the breach of duty. The defendant was not liable, if it was merely indirect, which ‘ broke the chain of causation’. This test was particularly associated with the decision of the Court of Appeal in Re Polemis [1921].\r\nIn The Wagon Mound [1961], The Privy Council held that defendant would be liable only if it was the foreseeable consequence.\r\nFrom the above discussion, a number of points can be made, which will be consider that Betty get wages or not.\r\n• The decide in the House of Lords in Fairchild accepted that the sufferers of mesothelioma, while inevitably deserving of compensation, are unable to avenge the normal tests for causation because they will invariably be unable to point to a single party who is responsible.\r\n• The Court was prepared to accept the possibility of a claim for three connected reasons:\r\nClaimants in such actions were unable to satisfy for causation only because of the current state of medical knowledge on the disease, although there could be no doubt that exposure to the asbestos fibres in whatever volume was at the root of the disease.\r\nsuspect has to prove that their negligence could not be the actual cause rather then the claimants prove the specific cause.\r\nThe employer’s duty of care would be meaningless, as they could almost never be made liable.\r\n• The majority of the judges were therefore prepared to accept an exceptional principle of McGhee.\r\n• The Court was not prepared to extend principle of McGhee to factual circumstance such as those in Wilsher.\r\n• The House of Lords appear to have employed in a policy decision in order to ensure that there is compensation for asbestos related diseases contracted in the course of employment.\r\nSo there is a limited chance to get compensation according to applying Fairchild and McGhee. Then three employers will be liable and bear compensation fully. But if Court apply Hotson v East Berkshire AHA Betty or Harry does not get compensation.\r\nBibliography:\r\n1) Markesinis and Deakin, Tort Law, 5th var. (2003), Clarendon Press-Oxford\r\n2) John Murphy, Street on Torts, 11th chance variable (2003), LexisNexistm UK,\r\n3) Chris Turner Unlocking Torts, 1st Edition (2004), Hodder & Stoughton\r\n4) I. M Yeats & P. Giliker, Law of Tort, (2006), University of London\r\n'